A stress-free way to find your dream home.

21st November 2022
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21st November 2022 Ptarmigan Homes

A stress-free way to find your dream home.

A stress-free way to find your dream home.

The cumulation of hard graft or is there a stress-free way to find your dream home?

What are your firsts thoughts when you get a glimpse into those unique homes celebrated on the pages of those glossy interior magazines?
Where does your imagination take you when social media offers an up-close-and-personal insight of those perfectly formed bedrooms, dressing rooms and airy kitchens with all the mod cons or comfortable living rooms that overlook calming countryside views?

We can all dream, can’t we?

For many of us, such details can be inspirational. Perhaps we begin to imagine what it would be like to come home to a house just like that. Who wouldn’t enjoy the prospect of living in an environment perfectly created around us, our family, and our lifestyle, and in a picture-perfect location – bliss?

On the other hand, the fear of the unknown and the practicalities of change seem to outweigh the apparent benefits – we are happy to watch a new build project on TV from the comfort of our favourite chair. We might find ourselves offering aloud, advice on how to get out of a pickle (we saw it coming). Still, for the most part, we’re glad it is not us dealing with the intransigent planning officers, overspending or late-to-site wonky windows.
The TV shows have conditioned us to believe that while it all works out perfectly in the end, following that dream takes a particularly quirky, single-minded individual with probably too much time on their hands.
Well, stop there;  our experience, and it’s considerable, blows that premise right out of the park. There is indeed a stress-free way to find your dream home.

There is a better, stress-free way to find your dream home?

All things being equal, you need a house builder with a considerable track record and transparent budgeting, control and reporting. (that’s where we come in).

Above all, you need an experienced guide, an overview, and a plan. (that’s also where we come in).

The Ptarmigan Turnkey package: is a planning, permissions, house building and finishing programme that follows a tried and tested route to completing your dream home on budget with no surprises – it’s the very proposition enjoyed by our clients time after time – don’t just take our word for it, look at our customer endorsements.

We know a stress-free house build, without the drama, wouldn’t make a particularly gripping telly – but who cares when we are helping our clients realise their dreams and enjoy their lives to the full?


Next month will offer ideas and suggestions on searching out, finding and securing the house plot of your dreams.
Please leave comments and suggestions for future blogs.

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